Cell Sedimentation Manifold

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Creative Scientific Methods is the creator of the Cell Sedimentation Manifold which allows ten simultaneous migration studies on one Teflon-masked slide...
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The Opportunity: Try the Cell Sedimentation Manifold for risk free.


  • Easy: your lab will be measuring migration responses the same day the CSMs arrive
  • Inexpensive: avoids dependency on costly membrane-based migration plates
  • Rapid: complete migration responses can be determined within days
  • Small Volumes: spare expensive, rare reagents by conducting cell migration studies in a total volume of 251.11
  • On-Line Studies: cell migration can be monitored before, during, and after manipulations; each well can serve as its own control
  • Permanent Data: migrating cells can be fixed and stained for immunological or molecular analyses
  • High-Quality Optics: suitable for confocal or atomic force microscopy of migrating cells
  • Cell Sedimentation Manifolds are precision-engineered, reusable, resistant to solvents, autoclavable, and can be used indefinitely. CSMs are warranted to be free of manufacturing defects, and we will replace any defective CSM without charge.

Publication Program

If you reference the CSM Assay/Manifold in one of your publications, and send the publication to info@creative-sci.com, subject line: “Manifold Publication,” then you will receive a box of 10-well Teflon slides free of charge.


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